When trying to figure out how to launch my first blog, I stumbled upon the vast options that are out there. I realized that the Wordpress's and SquareSpace's that are out there were a little too modern, with some of their themes being a bit much. I wanted something easy, but also something perhaps challenging that would help me learn a bit about the finer details of programming and web development. Already in love with the Python programming language, I landed on this Pelican Tutorial from Fullstackpython.com.

I followed that tutorial until the end and had to do a bit more digging on how to deploy to S3, including how to use with CloudFlare's SSL services. Static sites like this one do not necessarily need HTTPS, but it's becoming de rigure so I wanted to implement it anyway. After some more extensive Googling (S3 + Pelican + CloudFlare) and a quick CloudFlare support ticket, I finally had it up and running.


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