Hey there!

I'm Martin Noah, a full stack web developer that loves building things with python, Django, Flask, and more!

By day I work for a non-profit that provides services to individuals with developmental/disabilities. On any given day of the week, I am a business analyst working with different departments on optimizing their process, a developer building bespoke Django applications, PowerApps, or connecting various APIs, a data analyst connecting to data sources, performing ETL, and designing PowerBI dashboards, and an Office365 admin working on and maintaining various IT projects/functions. I am also working to bridge the digital divide for individuals with disabilities through awareness and implementation of various enabling technologies.



Auth Table

A Django web application that parses uploaded files and helps agencies manage their insurance authorizations



A Flask web application that analyzes electronic health record documentation for fraudulent practices, double-dipping, etc.



A Django web application for a home-baker with S3 media uploads.